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If the jury deems it necessary, projects may be evaluated in categories other than those indicated on the registration form. The jury reserves the right to modify or regroup certain categories.

Please indicate while registering online. You can choose one of the special awards category 13.1 to 13.6
for $45 if you have already submitted in at least one of these
categories 1.1 to 12.1.

  • 1- Residential
    This category includes residential interior spaces such as houses, condominiums, lofts or apartments. Surface area indicates space newly designed or renovated.

    1.1 Residential spaces, 1,600 sq.ft. or less (150 m2 or less)
    1.2 Residential spaces, 1,600 to 3,200 sq.ft. (150 à 300 m2)
    1.3 Residential spaces, more than 3,200 sq.ft.(more than 300 m2)
    1.4 Kitchen
    1.5 Bathroom
    1.6 Model apartments or house and showrooms for residential

  • 2- Commercial
    This category includes street-front or mall stores and services open to the public (hair salons/beauty salons, etc.) and professionals (showrooms) of the area or established inside the mall. It does not include shopping centers themselves. Surface area indicates area newly designed or renovated.

    2.1 Stands or kiosks
    2.2 Commercial spaces, 1,600 sq.ft. or less (150 m2 or less)
    2.3 Commercial spaces, 1,600 to 5,400 sq.ft. (150 to 500 m2)
    2.4 Commercial spaces, more than 5 400 sq.ft. (more than 500 m2)
    2.5 Showroom

  • 3- Public areas
    (Hall, entrance, circulation space, waiting areas for office, condo or commercial, etc.)
  • 4- Bar, Café & Restaurant
    4.1 Restaurants, 2000 square feet or less (609 square meters or less)
    4.2 Restaurants, more than 2000 square feet (more than 609 square meters)
    4.3 Bars, lounges and nightclubs
    4.4 Cafés, food counters
  • 5- Accommodation, wellness and recreational
    This category includes rooms, suites, private salons in hotels, inns, motels, bed-and-breakfast’s. That is also include spa, training centers and Exhibitions

    5.1 Accommodation (Hostels, Motels, bed & breakfast)
    5.2 Wellness, training and recreational center (Spa, gym, sport center, activities center)
    5.3 exhibition
    5.5 Event design and short-lived installation

  • 6- Office
    This category includes work or reception areas, meeting rooms, utility spaces, etc. Surface area indicates area newly designed or renovated.

    6.1 Offices, under 5,000 square feet (460 square meters)
    6.2 Offices, 5,000 to 20,000 square feet (460 to 1,860 square meters)
    6.3 Offices, over 20,000 square feet (1,860 square meters)

  • 7- Institutional, cultural, public and health facility

    7.1 Institutional establishment (Educational institution, school, daycare)
    7.2 Cultural establishment (Museum, theater, auditorium and library)
    7.3 Public establishment (Airport, courthouse, correctional facilities and places of worship)
    7.4 Health facilities and research center
    7.5 Professional offices and clinic (Doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices, private clinics, rehabilitation centers, emergency clinics, medical clinics)
  • 8- Sustainable development

    For a project demonstrating a serious commitment to the environment without necessarily having obtained a certification. However, this projects as to shows a serious commitment to the environment according to LEED CI.
  • 9- Universal access
    For a project designed to simplify access and facilitate the life of people with physical, visual, auditory, intellectual or other impairments.
  • 10- Non Categorized

    i.e.: Interior of a conveyance, or any other project that does not fit into any previous category.
  • 11- Exteriors

    11.1 Terrace and residential landscaping project
    11.2 Terrace and housing landscaping project
    11.3 Terrace and office or commercial landscaping project

    This section is aimed to Landscape Architect
    11.4 Residential Project of Landscape Architecture
    11.5 Home and Commercial Project of Landscape Architecture
    11.6 Institutional Project of Landscape Architecture
    (Ex: school, campus, museum, hospital, religious institution, diocese)
    11.7 Public Project of Landscape Architecture
    (Ex: public square, park)
    11.8 Environmental Project of Landscape Architecture stormwater management project, biodiversity, renaturalisation, demineralization project, Universal access)

  • 12- Valorization of wood

    12.1 Valorization of wood in interior design
    12.2 Valorization of wood in industrial and product design
  • 13- Special awards in interior design

    You can choose one of the special awards category 13.1 to 13.6 for an amount of $45, if you have already submit in at least one of these category 1.1 to 12.1.

    13.1 Lighting
    13.2 Colour
    13.3 Surface
    13.4 Signage / Branding
    13.5 Low budget
    13.6 Multidisciplinary


  • 14- Products design in small series

    14.1 Lighting
    14.2 Residential, commercial and built-in furniture
    14.3 Interior-use objects, kitchen and bathroom product
    14.4 non-categorized in products design in small series

  • 15- Industrial design

    This category is aimed at industrial and manufacturiers
    15.1 Lighting
    15.2 Residential furniture
    15.3 Office furniture
    15.4 Contract furniture and institutional furniture
    15.5 Street furniture
    15.6 Interior-use objects and accessories
    15.7 Sustainable Development / Eco-Design
    15.8 Transport
    15.9 Architectural product
    15.10 kitchen product
    15.11 bathroom product
    15.12 Medical
    15.13 non-categorized in industrial design

The following categories are exclusively reserved to the jury

The jury, gathering experts in interior design, architecture, landscaping architecture, industrial design or communications (advertising or graphic design), will choose the awards’ winners.

  • New talent Award*
    The jury rewards an emerging designer or architect with no more than five-year experience. All new talent designers who register a project in categories 1 to 14 are eligible without any registration fee. Winners will be selected by the jury among the participants.
  • Student Award
  • Project of the Year*
    Jury’s favourite project within all categories. No registration fee. Any participating designer is eligible by default. The winners will be selected by the jury among the participants.
  • Tribute Award
    The jury rewards a designer or an architect whose career contributed to the recognition and acknowledgement of Québec’s design.