The jury members were effusive in their praise for the Artopex showroom, calling it breathtaking. The team from lemayLAB rose brilliantly to the challenge of this project, which was to transform a basement into a veritable experience. Located in Old Montreal, on St-Jacques Street, the showroom is organized on two underground levels, which brought its share of constraints, in terms of the visibility of the location, the perception of accessibility, lighting, as well as how visitors would navigate it. LemayLAB’s response was to lead visitors progressively through each different section of the showroom, starting from a vast staircase that allows natural light to reach from the ground floor down into the lower level, revealing the showroom’s entrance. A huge interactive indoor canopy of coloured pixels guides visitors along this dramatic route. It beautifully sets off a grandstand-like wooden structure that, twinned with the staircase, links all the levels and symbolizes the spirit of coming together that’s so important to Artopex. Expanding on this idea, lemayLAB chose to guide the visitor by way of a continuous ribbon showing pixelated images of Quebec landscapes. This ribbon is a metaphor for Artopex’s values, its commitment to communities translated by its attachment to the territory. It creates a dialogue between the showcased collections, the latest of which is Downtown, a line of so-called ‘collaborative’ furniture, designed as workspaces that create casual environments where teams can meet. This brand’s image has been completely updated, thanks, the jury noted, to its new showroom.