Au Pain Doré


A European-inspired concept

The inspiration for the makeover of the Au Pain Doré bakery and coffee shop on Côte-des-Neiges was the lattice of wooden bread baskets. As customers enter the space, they are greeted by the smell of warm bread, the aroma of fresh coffee, and a unique visual dynamism created by a randomized arrangement of wood slats that run the length of the ceiling and wrap down the wall, reminiscent of the rhythmic weave of a basket.

The irregular pattern of vertical poplar slats leave gaps to allow for lighting and ventilation. The frame of beams is also used to create shelves, seating, and tops and panels for the serving counter, which runs along the full length of one wall in the main space,

In this 1,500 square feet European-inspired concept, customers can enjoy a good coffee or make bakery purchases. The designers have given this traditional bakery a dynamic, contemporary look, harmoniously complemented by contrasting elements of wood, white, black and pale grey.