Bancs voiles


A unique flotilla, sailing through a park on the southern bank of the Saint Lawrence River; mainsails are hoisted, piercing through the mist. Bench Sail was created by Les Ateliers Guyon, for the city of Verchères, to honor those who founded this small town on the water; where the memories of ancestors remain, along with artisanal traditions, closely tied to the river.

Using a metaphor, designer Félix Guyon transmitted a bit of history and a certain poetic romanticism to a purely functional object. The stylized nautical shape is reminiscent of the old French boats. In addition, the white oak used for the backrest and seat was typically used in the construction of ships in the eighteenth century. The inclination angle of the seat, made to be comfortable, evokes a boat heeled, sailing upwind.

Celebrating both the courage and pride of those who built the city and the ones who still contribute to its growth, the monument is an ode to the craftsman’s work. Made entirely by local artisans, including those who still manufacture the famous rowboat Verchères, the sculptural installation unanimously charmed the jury and was given the “Coup de Coeur” Award.