Boutique 5av


Boutique 5av wanted to reinvent itself to highlight its 25 years of business. After a lifetime on the south side of Avenue Laurier, the store moved across to the north side. The boutique might have changed location, but it retains the same values: elegance and pleasure.

The firm Christian Bélanger Design focused on the clothing collections and design of the space, which was larger then the original store. The new boutique was divided in three segments in order to create a “shop in shop” impression. One particularly striking feature is the play of contrast with the dark and lowered ceiling to create an entrance that separates the three spaces. A line of wood runs through the ceramic floor, which connects the display and service counters. A long black luminaire suspended horizontally over the counter service recalls the details at the top of the walls.

The clothes hanging systems and the perfect integration of elegant furniture were especially valued by the jury, who gave Boutique 5av the Commercial Space Award 5400ft2 and under. Placed near the cabins, two red carpets just add to the fun of fitting sessions. Misleading perspectives are created through the play of wood and mirror, but even more interesting is that it successfully sets the stage for customers.