Café en économie sociale


As part of the Olympic Park’s recovery plan, the former Montreal Expos boutique has been transformed into a café with a social vocation. Called Station In Vivo, this cooperative benefits both visitors and the neighboring community.

During the execution of the Café en économie sociale project, the firm Cardin Ramirez Julien wanted above all to preserve the transparency of the glass enclosure. To this end, the modern counter and service spaces were positioned in the center of the room, with seats and tables on the periphery.

The interior and exterior spaces surrounding the café were also integrated to the building. Indeed, items of furniture were fixed on the border of previously placed concrete, allowing customers to sit on the side of the hall. On the esplanade, the terrace extends from the outer wall to the curve of existing concrete, attracting passersby while also creating a friendly outdoor space. An immense illuminated cube artfully conceals a stockroom and makes a truly distinctive decorative element. The structure displays graphics in relations to neighborhood life and the site’s activities.

This skillfully maneuvered project is a fine example of the revitalization of a site, commented the jury. They were captivated by the dynamic interaction amongst visitors inside the building and the passersby.