Carnets lesateliersmatieregrise


Colour as a catalyst for creativity

We mistakenly use notebooks exclusively for story-writing, art or architecture, but they are in fact tools with which to expand our ideas on any number of topics. The Carnet, created by architect Jean Verville, serves as a support tool for the “ateliers matière grise” or “grey-matter training workshops,” aimed at stimulating creativity and innovation in the business environment, held at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Beyond its useful purpose and affordable price, this small notebook has hidden aesthetic appeal.

Of course, being designed for note-taking, it is a convenient size and thickness—neither too big or bulky, nor too small or slim. With its hard cover, the notebook can be laid nicely flat or held comfortably in the hands. You can write, draw or doodle to your heart’s content on its unlined pages.

The “excessive” use of colour—a term employed by the designer—offers a refreshing alternative to the usual white pages and makes a stroll through the museum a more light-hearted experience. This attractive object with its coloured pages and matching cover comes in a choice of 20 vibrant hues. While helping participants find creative inspiration, it also gives them a feeling of confidence and complicity with their fellow group members.

Given the success of this project and the absolutely perfect colours chosen, the Carnet is the worthy winner of the Colour award.