Chaise suspendue


The orthogonal form of this chair, a heptagon, to be precise, displays a skillful use of geometry. The Hanging Chair is reminiscent of Art Deco, with its symmetry, angular size and triangular shape. The tonal contrast of the materials, a black finish steel frame combined with a tan leather seat, also acts as a reminder of the movement that drove modernization forward.

Exploring this thought in their design, Les Ateliers Guyon added elements of modernism to their creation: the frame and steel structure are purposely stripped down, and the straps of the back seat bear an industrial look. This stylistic input confers an interesting dynamic; especially since the “hammock” style suspension gives this sophisticated residential furniture, a casual air.

The sculptural approach truly addresses the concerns of comfort and ergonomics, not only through a flexible and rounded seat, but also with those famous straps and interwoven ropes, that support the user at the time of take off towards new horizons. In the opinion of the jury, the designer’s innovative approach and flawless production is a winning equation for the Residential Furniture Award.