Collection Cliff


Spotlight on elegance

Imperative to a collection is that it have a familial resemblance, a thread that relates a series of unique objects. For the collection of Cliff lighting products, by Lambert et fils, this can be seen in its elegance and sobriety. Inherent to each piece, these are the qualities that create a harmony between each product and, as a result, a family.

A family whose six members have very distinctive personalities, according to their purpose. The style of each lighting accessory correlates to a specific function, from the pendant lamp to the floor lamp, and the table lamp to the wall lamp. There is enough variety in this collection to suit any taste.

As a whole, the genius in the design is notable for its clean, minimalist lines accented by remarkable details. Noteworthy among these are the mechanical elements and the simplicity of what connects the pieces. They are both slender and sturdy in appearance, and their graceful refinement enhances the various materials used, such as brass and aluminum, and the dominant matte black finish.

And last but not least, these timeless pieces were cleverly designed for easy packaging and shipping to anywhere in the world.