Electric Hibachi


The iconic grill, reimagined

The memory of that nostalgic object, the trapezoidal-shaped, simple, easy-to-use, indestructible, portable hibachi will never fade. ALTO Design reprised this circa-1970 icon for urban grill enthusiasts, with the new Electric Hibachi. The industrial design firm was mandated by ThermoScience Enercoatings, an R&D specialist in heating solutions, to develop an appliance using the ThermoCeramix technology, which is a high-performance, energy efficient heat-transfer process. All the pleasure of outdoor grilling… indoors.

The electric grill has a non-stick cooking surface onto which a multilayer coating is applied. The coating becomes a heating element. This contemporary hibachi delivers cooking temperatures of up to 700°F in under 10 minutes and maintains this heat, allowing cooks to obtain a quick, perfect sear every time. This hibachi outperforms even gas barbecues with covers.
The appliance is safe: the housing stays cool even at high temperatures, aluminum facilitates heat dissipation, and the grill is sealed and secured to accommodate thermal expansion. The Electric Hibachi is waterproof and also suitable for outdoor use.

The jury found this product an endearing example of clean design, where form complements function in a beautiful and durable product, and so awarded it the ex aequo Kitchen product award. Technology in the service of no-frills nostalgia.