Comme des Enfants


A little bit goes a long way

This is the story of an ambitious project with a small budget that dreamt of brightly lit premises with extremely high ceilings. A big dream for a children’s boutique.
Just like a toddler who can instantly create a world with next to nothing, the designers behind the Comme des Enfants boutique figured out to make a little bit go a long way. Yet the sophisticated charm, minimalist decor, and overall cohesion belie any trace of compromise. The quality of execution of the arrangement of the architectural elements certainly played a major role in this project, which put inexpensive construction materials to skilful use. Pale pine boards, concrete blocks, nylon rope as well as copper and brass details work together with the simple pieces of furniture made by the client for a clean uncluttered look.
The desire for a multi-functional space posed an additional challenge. Store, office, and meeting space had to coexist harmoniously. The designers met the challenge using a well-chosen colour scheme. The buttery finish of the wood, the bright white walls and neutral grey flooring create a perfect backdrop against which the best part of this low-budget project is showcased: the boutique’s logo. Its beauty lies in its bare simplicity: the designers cut fluorescent rope into pieces to shape the letters and pinned them to the wall. Less expensive than a neon light but classier, the visual identity of the brand embodies the essential spirit of the entire project.