Le Grand plateau


A modest terrace connects to the majesty of nature

On the flank of a mountain overlooking Lake Heron in the Laurentians, this house is quite literally built under a roof terrace that gives the project its name. The initial idea was to create a great plateau from where the inhabitants could enjoy the incredible view of the meandering lake against its backdrop of distant mountains.

Purity and simplicity here are taken to the extreme. The minimalism of the terrace, with its central screened-in lounge area, is a distinct Atelier Pierre Thibault signature.

The plateau is accessed from the top and, partly concealed by the trees, the body of the house is raised above the ground on slender columns to give the illusion that it is floating within the forest canopy. The natural materials of wood and white metal lend an air of sophistication, and there are no extraneous items of furniture or accessories to disturb the inspiring serenity of this home.

Giving the lush natural environment such a showcase warrants respect. Moreover, this place where time stands still inspires the type of quiet contemplation that makes reference to the art of Japanese landscaping.

In selecting this project for the Terrace award, the jury particularly remarked on its avant-garde design, which harmoniously integrates into the home’s natural surroundings. The sun, water, and forest are an intrinsic part of the residence’s architecture. This place of rest is testament to the poetry of timeless design.