IGA des Sources Boischatel


Taking grocery shopping to a new level

In all respects, the design of the IGA des Sources in Boischatel is spot on trend. From the contemporary architecture to the sophisticated layout, everything in this store is geared to providing customers with a grocery shopping experience like no other.

The appeal of this project lies in its unique and distinctive style. Wood is used as the main structural element throughout the store, which comprises several levels of architectural design, from the heated underground parking lot to the aptly named first floor restaurant, La Charpente (meaning “structural framework”). The layout of the aisles and floor space inspires customers to discover and explore new products, flavours and ideas. The uniquely styled shelves, counters, restaurant and other features are arranged intelligently in logical sequence, making the trip around the store akin to a pleasant stroll around a farmers’ market, where customers can take their time to peruse the displays.

The brief for Gestion IDS Design was to design a store that integrated into its environment, the shores of the St. Lawrence River. Specialists in commercial spaces, they were able to reinvent that most traditional of commercial environments—the grocery store—by focusing on the needs of customers looking for added value in terms of a sophisticated shopping experience, and came up with a shopping space that is urban and contemporary but that still retains a country feel. In so doing, the banner’s brand image is optimized at every level.

The jury acknowledged that it is not easy to push the boundaries of the conventional supermarket industry, but having achieved this, the IGA des Sources in Boischatel was recognized with the Commercial space, more than 5,400 sq. ft. award.