Jacques Guillon… un géant du design


A Design That Lasts

The Nylon4 Chair, far from being ephemeral, is now part of the permanent collection of the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts.

It’s still selling…

This durability will also apply to the design and signage of the Montréal metro. Designed by Jacques S.Guillon & Associates, the design of the cars has not aged at all. As for the logo of the metro … it is always so dashing. This quality has become his label; we recognize that his products do not date.

His credo: a beautiful design must be able to be sold; it must be adapted to the needs of the customer. We must not work for glory.


Dear to His Heart, Expo 67

He is proud to point out that he was instrumental in having 8 Canadian design firms create 8 pavilions for Expo 67, a “true design laboratory”. As for Guillon’s team, they built the Pavilion of Man and Life, the Belgian pavilion, as well as the layout and interior design of some Habitat 67 cubes which were widely visited during Expo 67 as examples of Canadian design.

De facto, he became the catalyst of an international expertise.


And Recognized

He is also the recipient of the Sam-Lapointe Award and is a member of the Design Canada Circle of Honor. His company went through many changes, names, locations and today, he is the proud spiritual father of its latest reincarnation, GSM project, a very healthy company that has currently 1,000 projects in the world, including North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, arising from their three offices in Montréal, Dubai and Singapore.







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