L’Aire Visuelle, optométristes-opticiens


This year, the Small Professional Office Award goes to the firm La SHED architecture for their work with L’Aire Visuelle optometrists and opticians. The architects chose to redesign the customer experience by articulating the concept of boutique-studio around a shelf space free of any visual obstacle, balanced by the enticing effect of the furniture and displays.

Building on the high contrasts between natural materials and a sober color scheme in beige, black and green, La SHED came up with a clever design. The ceiling’s architectural continuity is echoed by a wall of vertical wood slats and the floor’s long and narrow ceramic tile display. The whole integrates into a space of perfect geometry. Lines and colors combine to ensure consistency between the different areas. The space has won over the jury with its excellent use of the sales floor, which completely redefines the commerce’s role by integrating eye-catching visual and optical effects.

L’Aire Visuelle also receives the Special Lighting Award for its remarkable use of natural and artificial lighting. The architecture firm has succeeded in creating an interesting dynamic that puts forward a well thought, articulated reflection, where light serves both form and function in the architectural gestures. The jury particularly appreciated this second level of interpretation.

The strength of the concept by La SHED lies in the ingenious design of the sales area, which combined with an impressive visual and lighting effect creates a place of friendly exchange for customers.