L’escalier ”phantomatique”


Floating in air

Battig Design set itself an ambitious goal: to take the complexity of the conventional floating staircase a step further. The result, their aptly named “Phantom” staircase, is a tour de force of this type of construction. To begin with, it is made of unconventional materials: white porcelain, steel and stainless steel are combined to create steps that appear to float, just lightly touching the darker-coloured wall. The lighting under the treads accentuates this impression of hovering, like ghosts—a truly phantom-like flight of steps.

The purity and elegance of this product confer on it a unique beauty, like an object from science fiction. But underneath its simple, sleek exterior lies a very real, rigid structure, which the design team came up with after studying bridge-engineering techniques. This reinvented steel structure allows them to use longer treads that present no risk of any “springboard” effect.

The jury was attracted by the minimalist yet bold look of this staircase and its creative and innovative qualities. They commented on its elegance and how the integrated lighting emphasizes the space between the steps and showcases the white material used in their construction. This creative flight of stairs is a fine example of what a design team can achieve when they set themselves a challenge. Behind this seemingly simple product lies an impressive depth of research and understanding that can be summed up in just one word: audacity.