Machines Exposition Art Director Club


Poetry in the machine

Skilfully combining artisanal techniques and state-of-the-art electronics, Les Ateliers Guyon created three innovative machines that will bring the Art Directors Club (ADC) Awards Traveling Exhibition around the world. Built out of wood and metal, the devices themselves are relatively simple, but eminently elegant. The electronic components activate the multimedia elements designed by Sid Lee, the co-designer of the project, but the machines require viewers to be active participants who must actively engage with the contraptions to view the ADC award-winning projects. They honour the craftsmanship and unique character of the work carried out by the members of the organization. The jury was wowed by both the project’s aesthetic and the strong solidarity of the partners involved in its design.

These poetic constructions, which transcend the objects’ functionality, are typical of the approach favoured by Félix Guyon, Les Ateliers Guyon’s designer. The creative mind behind a number of highly original projects, he is only just beginning to make his mark in Quebec. His fertile imagination can be seen in a wide range of creations, from interior design to objects. Like his Sail Benches, which he created for the City of Verchères (Jury’s favourite project, 7th edition of the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN), this project is inventive, fanciful, playful, and delightfully unexpected. Transported by an uncommon poetic genius, the work of Félix Guyon made a deep impression on the jury. The New talent award went to this designer as a tribute to his unique talent, which is expressed in projects realized with passion.