Maison Blue Hills


Blue Hills House is located on a slope, amidst the forest of Morin-Heights. The residence, while inconspicuous, is remarkable by its perfect integration to the landscape. The award-wining kitchen is the center of this home designed by La SHED architecture.

Separating the dining room from the living area, the kitchen is characterized by two floating islands that make the space functional and create a convivial ambiance. On the dinning room side, the island includes a sink and serves as a lunch counter; while on the other side, it features a built-in library.

The jury appreciated the well-balanced approach, familial and somewhat rustic, emanating from the room design. The walls’ natural wood siding was painted in white, to achieve a brighter space that seems to open out to the Laurentian nature surrounding it. The calculated simplicity of this white canvas allows for a different experience of this living space, as it modulates with the colors of the seasons.

La SHED skillfully highlights the diversity of textures in their design by using authentic materials, such as wood wall coverings or the floors’ polished concrete. This diversity becomes the symbol of a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.