Maison Cedar Crescent


While La SHED architecture put forward an overall renovation initiative for Maison Cedar Crescent, it is the outstanding remodeling of the bathrooms that has been rewarded.

Accessible through a wood wrapped tunnel, the main bathroom opens onto the garden and adjacent rooms. An interesting space configuration that allows a visual exchange with each room, as an invitation to enter. However, for more intimacy, hidden doors can isolate the room.

Contemporary interventions such as suspended furniture and the freestanding bathtub help make the room seem bigger. Enhancing the neutral tone of smooth surfaces, a touch of white complements the gray porcelain tile. The secondary bathroom has also been reconfigured as an echo of the first; just as minimalist, it features a spacious and sophisticated design. As a counterpart to the contemporary style, La SHED also incorporated elements that recall the original spirit.

In the eyes of the jury, this new architectural proposal is warm and inviting. Thus, by combining ancestral spirit and contemporary style, this Côte-des-Neiges home was restored to its former glory.