Métropole – Moscow


Founded in 1992, Mosaïque Surface specializes in custom stone mosaics and creates original murals, medallions, floors and table tops. Their new collection, Métropole, inspired by major world cities, is an exciting addition to their catalogue for designers and architects.

The modern-day metropolises chosen by Mosaïque Surface are places that over time have excelled in becoming landmarks of design and lifestyle. Moscow, for example, affectionately called “Little Mother” (Matouchka Moskva) by Russians, is well known for its art, music and architecture. Like any large city, it owes its status to its thriving economic, cultural and artistic life, stimulated and shaped by a cosmopolitan population.

The new Moscow product line, winner of the Surface award, features tesserae of natural stone (Borealis Blue) with a waterjet-cut pattern, elegantly assembled with brushed brass accents. The curves conjure up the domes of Russian cathedrals, while the repeating pattern resembles traditional mosaic forms.

But where Moscow differs from folk art is in its reference to the splendours of the Russian empire. The opulent textures, fine choice of materials and use of brass perfectly evoke the sophistication of the tsars’ palaces. The jury especially liked the impeccable design: subtly retro with a modern and contemporary twist, a style that blends easily with many types of decor.