Micro espace modulable


Behind the mirror

One operation changes the look of a room, another, its function. In a 7 m2 space, every movement counts, especially if you’re talking about a living area that has to serve as a workspace, a reading corner, a living room, and an exercise room. Fortunately, in architect Jean Verville’s project Micro espace modulable (modular micro-space), needing a room that can accommodate a great number of activities doesn’t mean having to compromise quality of life. Designed as an ingenious solution to spaces with limited square footage, this ultra compact space conceals a piece of modular furniture that can be arranged in a variety of configurations.

When it’s closed into the wall, its acrylic surface acts as a mirror, reflecting the essential feature in any living space: the window. A clever trick that fills the room with light and makes it look twice as big as the diminutive space is. Behind the mirror is hidden a world of possibilities: generous storage space to keep the room tidy and a pull down bed for when it’s time to relax. The wall-mounted table also transforms as needed: it can be by turns a worktable or a headboard for the bed—transforming the room into a reading nook—or it can be completely folded up to free up the floor space.

Modern in style and contemporary in the solution it offers to the problem of a lack of space, this thoughtfully designed project also scores high marks for its appeal to the budget-conscious among us. With its affordable materials, including Russian plywood and melamine, and simple assembly, the product doesn’t exceed $3,000. In this dwelling, each element is exploited to the fullest of its potential to create architecture on a human scale.