Patrice Pâtissier


Patrice Pâtissier, design with a masculine vibe

Patrice Pâtissier, located on Notre-Dame West just east of Charlevoix Street in Little Burgundy, isn’t your typical pink and white cupcake and cream puff pastry shop.

Au contraire! Designed by Jean-Pierre Viau, it stands out from the buildings nearby.

The interior has a modern Scandinavian look featuring polished wood details and a striking mandarin-orange wall in the kitchen for a delightfully joyful and refreshing decor.

The aim? To create a space with a subtly masculine vibe, while still remaining warm and welcoming.

There is much to please the eye: glass window offers patrons an opportunity to observe the chefs working in the kitchen, and an even more sophisticated feature is the large sliding doors, which give diners a view into the room where cooking classes are held.

The gourmet urban decor is complemented by a bookcase filled with cookbooks and a display of Patrice’s mouth-watering creations.

The jury took a liking to the overall design and noted the outstanding woodwork, judicious selection of furniture, and especially the unique homey atmosphere.