Pollo Rotiseria Moderna


In the design of Pollo Rotiseria Moderna restaurant, Dimarco Ferrao Design wanted above all to reflect the personality and talents of the chef. Thereby, the team created a comfortable, contemporary and masculine concept, using natural, recycled and reclaimed materials. Playing on the reinterpretation of codes specific to this type of establishment, designers instilled a sense of history and tradition to the place.

Upon entry, the customer can opt for the 80-seat bar or dining room that accommodates 180 guests; two distinct areas, yet both visually accessible. Located in the Laval Centropolis mall, the restaurant also features a highly functional kitchen and an extensive wine cellar.

Inspired by the windows of industrial factories, Dimarco Ferrao Design drew large vertical glass partitions in various colors and textures. Their use of reclaimed barn wood in natural shades brings richness and depth to the walls and tabletops. Drawing inspiration from the industrial style of the nineteenth century, they created forged iron geodesic light fixtures, hanging above the tables in the bar area.

The jury was charmed by the intentionally kitschy decor, reflected in particular by the pre-distressed faux leather chairs and banquettes. They also underlined the beauty of the reclaimed wooden boxes modulating the ceiling of the main dinning room, the glass and wood contrast, as well as the repetition of rectilinear forms throughout the entire establishment, which receives the Restaurant Award.