Projet B


The hive on your plate

The fruit of a serious reflection on bees, the beehive created by industrial designer Marc-André Roberge for restaurants and their clients is a direct response to a ecological emergency. The decline of bee colonies around the world is of major concern. Without these hardworking insects, a third of global food crops, which depend on bees for pollination, would disappear. Besides the fact that pollination increases crop yield, it contributes to the biodiversity that is essential to human life.

Projet B is part of a bee conservation effort and also a movement to bring urban beekeeping right onto consumers’ plates. This elegant object serves a double purpose: it is at once part of the hive, as it houses the raw material, that is, the honeycomb cells filled with honey, and the main serving dish. It thereby combines both aesthetic and entertaining as well as practical aspects.

The box-hive, raised on legs for ergonomic considerations, is mainly made out of red cedar, a wood that’s resistant to water, weather, and insects, which can be harmful to bees. It allows honey to be produced quickly and the partitions to be easily removed to harvest the honey or maintain the hive.

Based on its principles of giving value, knowledge, and awareness raising, Projet B won the Sustainable development / Eco-design award in style.