Rideau Centre Dining Hall


Elegance in the ordinary

The design of a food court that sees hundreds of people pass through every day, by exploiting its capacity to the fullest so that it can best serve its clientele, takes some serious thinking.

Stepping up the dining experience was the idea behind the creation of the new dining hall in Ottawa’s Rideau Centre. Upon entering the space, the impression is more reminiscent of a sophisticated restaurant than a conventional food court

This upscale look is due, in the first place, to the choice of materials and finishes. Colourful, abstract murals, wood surfaces, geometric patterned ceramics, and low walls that have a marbled appearance are just some of the elements in this visually textured decor. These materials are also ingeniously used to define different zones. The most striking example is a box-like area, created by a wood wall and ceiling that artfully contrast with a two-tone chevron patterned floor. These different areas offer customers a multitude of seating options. In its own way, each one provides a surprising experience for a place with room for 850 people: a sense of intimacy.

The geometry of the space also deserves special mention. An interesting play of volumes was created in the food court, with the lower central ceiling as the focal element. With its bold proportions and lines, along with its innovative lighting, the new dining hall will contribute to the shopping centre’s decidedly urban, contemporary environment.