Rouli-Roulant Remix – DEVIL’S TOY


An interactive installation that revisits auteur cinema

To celebrate the 75 anniversary of the NFB, 14 directors from 8 countries and 4 continents reimagined Claude Jutra’s 1966 seminal skateboarding film, The Devil’s Toy.

The Devil’s Toy Redux is a series of videos that reinterpret the original film. It was produced by Judith Portier as an immersive Web installation that lets visitors access the films and their content, navigate various themes, and explore the cities they wish. Additional features include a segment in which visitors are invited to climb onto a board, which becomes a controller that lets each person create his or her own film experience while providing other viewers with a show on a giant 180-degree circular screen.

Presented at Place des Arts to mark the NFB’s anniversary, this installation can be disassembled and adapted to a wide variety of spaces. Both ingenious and spectacular, it offers an overall experience oriented around the theme of the history of rebellion and fear of conformity surrounding the skateboarding culture.

Design par Judith Portier is an environmental design studio specialized in the creation of unifying spaces and delivering content. The interaction between space and its users is at the heart of their approach. The Devil’s Toy Redux, which garnered the Exhibition stand, 400 sq. ft. or more award, is an outstanding example.