Stereo Bar


Montreal for night owls

Stereo, an alternative nightclub known for its sound quality and volume, opened a new dance club called Stereo Bar. Paul Antoni developed a concept that seamlessly blends massive blocks and flowing lines, raw edges and sophistication.

Filled with palpable tension, harsh lights and dark shadows, the room performs its magic and the ritual begins amid a background revealing traces of post-industrial crude steel and damaged concrete. Its brightly lit dance floor is flanked on either side by an elevated platform with couches and chairs, with enough space to fit a DJ booth that can be customized for events. With dancers, onlookers and the DJ in close proximity to one another, the club experience becomes a collective creation.

Three strips of light at the end of the runway disclose the first architectural element: the softer lighting and the warmth of the walnut surrounding the main bar create a cosy atmosphere. On top of its acoustic quality, the fragrance and texture of the wood enhances the room’s considerable appeal. A second key feature: the small island bar nestled against a backdrop of walnut laths is topped by a magnificent bottle display rack, made of an eclectic mixture of aluminium and wood. The final stroke of genius: unisex toilets entirely lined with walnut, and wall-mounted sinks that are funkily chic. “Refreshing, striking” observed the jury about the winner of the Bar award.