Water Journeys, Vortex International


Adventures in waterland

Flowing through the Water JourneysTM play module collection is a stream. A stream that encourages thought, ideas and play, say the designers, from Dikini and Daily tous les jours, who created the modules for Vortex Aquatic Structures International, a Canadian leader in aquatic play structures and urban playgrounds. Water is a soothing yet dynamic and energizing element that brings us together, especially in summer, and structures our world.

Based on a triangular layout, the collection offers various configuration possibilities. It comprises four modules made up of concrete paving slabs—practical, durable, coloured, and reinforced with fibreglass to make them more lightweight. The slabs are interlinked so that the water can run continuously through several channels at a time and collect in pools, requiring the active participation of other players to manoeuvre pumps, levers and other hydraulic props. It’s a fun and intelligent way to learn more about this precious resource and how water systems work.

The modules also provide an opportunity for families to play together and a place for community residents to meet and socialize. Children can discover more about the physical characteristics of their world in a safe and enjoyable environment.
This entertaining and imaginative project takes us back to childhood. In conferring on it the Street furniture award, the jury mentioned its high-quality design reflecting great attention to aesthetic detail.